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NASA's Mars 2020 mission drops in on Death Valley
On a test flight in Death Valley, California, an Airbus helicopter carried an engineering model of the Lander Vision System (LVS) that will help guide NASA's next Mars mission to a safe touchdown on the Red Planet. During the flight - one in a series—the helicopter (which is not part of the mission and was used just for testing) and its two-person crew flew a pre-planned sequence of maneuvers while LVS collected and analyzed imagery of the barren, mountainous terrain below.
Scientists uncover exotic matter in the sun's atmosphere
What caused the fireballs that lit up the sky over Australia?
SpaceX launches first 60 satellites of its internet network
Of strawberry jelly and earthquakes: Space station investigation studies colloids
NASA unveils schedule for 'Artemis' 2024 Moon mission
Scientists discover one of the mechanisms of water formation on the moon