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Radboud radio telescope to travel with Stratos II+ rocket again
Stratos II+, a rocket built entirely by students of Delft University of Technology, will be launched again on Wednesday October 14. The first attempt in 2014 unfortunately failed due to technical problems. The rocket will hold an antenna to intercept radio signals below 30 MegaHertz and a digital receiver. The payload from Nijmegen is part of a preparatory programme for a radio telescope on the moon. Such a telescope would, for the first time, enable researchers to measure radiation generated shortly after the Big Bang.
Blue skies and water ice discovered on Pluto
Wet paleoclimate of Mars revealed by ancient lakes at Gale Crater
Unexpected role of electrons in creating pulsating auroras
Earth's inner core was formed 1-1.5 billion years ago
Mysterious ripples found racing through planet-forming disc
Perfectly accurate clocks turn out to be impossible